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If a Car Drives on Your Foot

Posted on December 3, 2015 with 0 comments

Our favorite (funny) pain question today comes from Quora. Sometimes I guess ya just don’t know…maybe it was a GEO Metro they were thinking about or something? Take a look:

If a car wheel goes over your foot very quickly, would it hurt?

The great answer comes form veteran writer, Tim Hofstetter. And apparently Tim wanted to make sure our questioner knew exactly what he was asking, and then a pretty straight forward answer:

Provided that the wheel is attached to the car, and that the car is otherwise unsupported, and that the wheel is equipped with a fully inflated tire about the same size as all the other tires on the vehicle, and that the suspension in all four corners of the vehicle is approximately equivalent, and that the car’s weight isn’t greatly redistributed such that the wheel in question is fully unloaded, then yes – it would hurt very badly and you should count on getting some broken tarsal bones out of the deal.

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