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Healing Through Joyful Exercise

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Physical therapy often takes on a holistic approach to health. If something in your body is out of balance; if you’re not healthy then it’s difficult to restore health to any injury that has taken place.

That’s why in this blog post, Synergy Physical Therapy is focusing on one of the main reasons behind why we as Americans aren’t healthy.

We Don’t Exercise; We’re Not Healthy

According to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association (SFIA), 67% of fun races physical therapy utahAmericans are not active to a “healthy standard,” and 83 million are “totally inactive” – both of which are the highest figures ever recorded. Thirty-three million American children are not active to healthy standards, while 10 million are not active at all. Nearly 30 percent of the overall U.S. population is completely sedentary.

Here at Synergy Physical Therapy, it’s our top initiative to get our patients more active and healthy. We focus on a treatment approach that combines manual therapy and worthwhile exercise. Our treatment approach helps you heal and reach your health goals.

Synergy Physical Therapy’s Treatment Approach

Dr. David Hunt has been known by many of his patients to simply have a good time during the treatment process. This plays perfectly into new articles that have come out showing that when it comes to being active and getting healthy, we don’t have to be so serious. It’s time we stop stressing over exercise and don’t lose sight of the fun and satisfaction that comes from getting out and doing stuff.

In a recent news article from US News’ website, they stated that play loosens us up mentally and physically, which can actually be protective against injury as well as allow us to challenge our bodies and minds in new ways.

Fun Exercise ⇨ Less Stress ⇨ Loosening Up ⇨ Injury Prevention

hula hoop exercise for physical therapyWhen we’re having fun and not stressing over our exercise, our stress hormones  decrease, our levels of inflammation throughout the entire body go down, and we loosen up so that our level of injury actually decreases because we injure ourselves when we’re too stiff.

So, in conclusion, Synergy Physical Therapy wants all our patients to be happy and healthy, we can do this by adding some fun and craziness into our exercise. From hula hoops, to Color Run 5ks, Zombie Runs, or jumping on the trampoline with our kids, we all need to get some regular exercise and not stress about it.

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